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The following dishes and prices are only a sample of our menu, and may vary from
from time to time, depending upon the availability of fresh produce.

Indian cuisine need not be prepared with the addition of chilli,
and clients are asked how they would like their choice prepared,
i.e. spicy hot, medium or mild.

All prices quoted are in EUROS and are inclusive of local taxes.



Chicken Tandoori (Chicken marinated in our own Tandoori sauce and cooked in the Tandoor)5,00
Onion Bhaji (Finely sliced onion mixed with gram flour and spices then deep fried)3,50
Samosas (Pastry filled with minced lamb or vegetables and deep fried) 4,50
Fish Pokora (Boneless fish, deep fried in a batter of gram flour and spices) 4,50
Chicken Pokora (Tender cubes of chicken breast deep fried in a batter of gram flour and spices)4,50



The tandoor is a beehive shaped clay oven heated by charcoal.
Because of its fierce but even distribution of heat,
it enables meat to cook quickly, forming a light crust on the outside
whilst leaving the inside moist and succulent.

All our Tandoori dishes are prepared with a special Tandoori sauce
made from a blend of spices and herbs mixed in natural yoghurt.

Chicken Tandoori (Chicken on the bone cooked in the tandoor) 10,50
Chicken Tikka (Chicken marinated in lemon juice, spices and garlic, then cooked in the tandoor) 11,00
Sheek Kebab (Lamb minced with a blend of spices cooked on a skewer in a tandoor oven) 11,50
Tandoori mix Special (A selection of meats with mixed vegetable and rice) 12,50
Chicken Shashlick 12,00



Balti is a type of Kashmir curry, originating amongst the people of Baltistan.
The translation of Balti literally means "cooking bucket".
Our Baltis are made from a blend of both Indian and Chinese spices.

Balti Chicken (Diced breast of chicken with onions) 11,00
Balti Gosht (Boneless leg of lamb with onions) 12,00
Balti Prawns (Peeled prawns cooked with a Balti Masala sauce) 14,00



Our Karahi dishes are prepared with green pepper, onions, tomatoes
and served in a karahi (a small wok like container).
Biryani dishes are rice dishes served with a vegetable sauce.

Karahi Murg (Chicken breast cooked with green pepper, onions and tomatoes) 12,00
King Prawn Bhuna (Prawns cooked with cardomon, cumin, onion, coriander and fresh tomatoes) 19,50
Lamb Pasanda (Lamb cooked with Punjabi masala, yoghurt and cream) 12,00
Chicken Tikka Masala (A mild dish with tomato, cream and ground almonds) 11,50
Chicken Jalfrazi (Prepared with lemon juice, green chillies and tomatoes) 11,00
Chicken Korma (made with coconut and cream) 11,00
Karahi King Prawn (Cooked with green pepper, onions and tomatoes and served in a "Karahi") 19,50

We look forward to welcoming you the the Raj Indian Restaurant in the near future.

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